USA - Freedom Freshener

USA - Freedom Freshener

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There's no better way to show off your American pride than with this badass reusable vehicle  air freshener shaped like the United States of American with Old Glory flying across it. The Kamikaze Wood Werks Freedom Fresheners are  unique and it is the perfect solution to keeping your vehicle smelling and looking wonderful all year around. 
3 Simply steps: submerse, hang, and smell!

3 Reasons to Switch to Kamikaze Wood Werks Freedom Fresheners Rescentables:

  1. Save Money - With over 1 oz. of fragrance oil included in each kit, you won't be buying another air freshener for at least a year. 
  2. Cleaner Air - The safer alternative to traditional paper air fresheners that often contain dangerous phthalates and chemicals. 
  3. Proudly Made & Sourced in the U.S.A. - 

5 Premium scents available:

  • Forest Pine - The clean and energizing aroma of fresh pine is reminiscent of snowy evenings in the woods. Enjoy Christmas all year long. 

  • Bacon - The smell of sizzling Bacon is always unmistakable. Eat your bacon!

  • Campfire - The smell of well stacked burning Campfire. To reminded you to get outdoors and live life! Burn responsibility! 

  • Lavender -  The bright bouquet of fresh, sweet, flowering English Lavender with a delicate finish. Keep yourself calm while in traffic! 

  • Warm Rustic Wood  - The smell of earthy, spiced aroma reminiscent of cozy hilltop cabin. You know you wish you lived in a cabin on a hilltop. 

  • DIY - Use your own oil fragrance  for your own personal smell of choice. 

Made possible by Gimp, Lightburn and Ortur Laser.