Frank's Years of Craftsmanship

Frank Manteau is Owner and Craftsman of Kamikaze Wood Werks. He is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Frank started woodworking at a young age and has gained over 20 years of knowledge and technique, having spent most of his life working with his hands. Growing up in Ohio have him the opportunity to learning how to build things, whether it was in Scouting, helping on a local farm, wood shop back in high school or things needed for his home. Due to his upbringing and his service in the Marine Corp, being disciplined and having attention to detail is now second nature. From a young age he has always had a level of passion and creativity in the craft. Later in life moving from Ohio to California in February 2013.

Frank is a proud graduate of Union Local High School in Morristown, Ohio, with a PHD that didn’t exceed 12 years. He then made the ultimate sacrifice by joining the Marine Corps upon his graduation from school. Serving this country, traveling across the world during his 7 1/2 year career. Once he was able to gain the tools needed, he was able to finally make his dream a reality and began his wood working career in April 2017, at the age of 40. He discovered just how much of a true passion he had for artisan woodworking. Now with Kamikaze Wood Werks up and running he has been able to resign from recent job to solely focus on his family and this new path in life.

As a single father with full custody of two kids, Laura and Eric. He lives and breathes for his kids and this passion for wood work. With 20 plus years of wood working and carpentry skills, coupled with the knowledge of many types of joinery, that he is currently using in order to reduce the amount of hardware used as possible. Keeping this craftsmanship style alive in each and every Kamikaze Wood Werks piece.




Why kill something when we can bring life to that which is dead?

I will never ask to cut down a live tree to make a table, stand, frame, and/or cutting board.  I use what others might consider ‘waste’ as the raw materials for my furniture, turning dead, fallen, and disaster trees into beautiful works of art.

Much of our wood is sourced locally from businesses here in California for our fine wood working projects. For larger projects I use regional woods, native to the state of California. I also have  partnerships with an organization right here in California that supplies me with some gorgeous, exotic woods.

– Frank Manteau, Owner & Craftsman